Why Choose Spectrum

The difference is experience. 

As the opioid epidemic increases, many practitioners are opening clinics all over the city. This is good in theory, but who are you seeing?  What is their level of experience and education in this field?  How long do you have to wait to seek treatment?

These are important questions you need to ask yourself before scheduling an appointment.

Dr. Selahattin Kurter, MD is a double Board Certified physician in Psychiatry and Substance Abuse.  He has lectured around the country on issues surrounding this crisis and is considered a leader in the industry.  There are only a handful of Addictionologists in the State of Wisconsin and we are very fortunate he has chosen to open a clinic in Oak Creek.

The difference is passion. 

The physicians in our office have been trained in other fields such as Anesthesiology, Family Practice, Physiatry, and Neurosurgery.  They have elected to enter this field because of their passion for helping people get back on track to living their normal lives.  Their combined years of experience in treating opioid patients is over 25 years.

The difference is patients come first. 

We can usually schedule a same day appointment.  We have morning and afternoon hours five days a week and two mornings per month on Saturdays.  We are also contracted with several insurance companies, so your insurance company may pay for your treatment.

The difference is well-rounded treatment. 

Spectrum Healthcare offers therapy in conjunction with opioid medication treatment (we also offer separate mental health services).  Studies prove those patients who couple therapy with medication management have a significantly higher success rate.  Our therapists are highly trained and can offer you proven methods of ways to avoid temptation and recognize the triggers.

If you or someone you know is suffering from opioid addiction, please call Spectrum Healthcare at (414) 304-5713.  Our trained staff will assist you in taking the next step towards reclaiming your life.